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Customizable Appointment Book

The OMSVision Appointment Scheduler lets you choose the information you need to see and customize colors, columns, time units and schedule views for your convenience. You can search for open appointment times by doctor, date range, time, location and more.

In-Office Status Screen

Streamline the flow of patients through your office with the In-Office Status Screen. It tracks a patient’s entire visit from check-in to posting. With a quick glance you can see how many minutes patients spend in each office area.

Electronic Billing and Claim Submission

OMSVision offers seamless integration with electronic billing and insurance claim submission services. You can create paper or electronic billing statements for patients and submit electronic claims to insurance providers directly from OMSVision.

Insurance Benefit Tracking

OMSVision helps you verify insurance eligibility and track outstanding claims. Predictive insurance aging tracks the utilization rate of various plans so you know when to expect payment and avoid chasing down claims too soon.

EEOB Line Item Posting

Electronic explanation of benefits (EEOB) remittances can be imported to enter payments for multiple claims, saving data entry time and automatically reconciling payments with claims in your OMSVision database.

Streamlined Patient Check-in

A PBHS preregistration module integrates with OMSVision to allow new patients to register online, eliminating redundant data entry and streamlining the check-in process.

Additional fees apply

Virtual Scan Forms

OMSVision Virtual Scan Forms replace paper route slips, automatically routing digital forms to the front desk. The doctor clicks on the completed procedure and the appropriate codes are posted to the patient’s record and the ledger.

Accurate Accounts Receivable Tracking

OMSVision provides visibility into key areas of your practice with Accounts Receivable Summaries and Aging and Collections reports. You can track your receivables for every patient and prioritize collection activities by the age of the claim.

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