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Get more out of your Customer Service Plan

When your Henry Schein system is kept up to date with the latest enhanced version of the OMSVision software or add-on modules and with Customer Service Representatives at your fingertips to answer your important questions, you and your staff are free to provide world-class care to patients. Henry Schein offers powerful options to maximize practice education and drive profitability with flexible, customized service plans:


OMSVision Service Plans are available to existing customers as either yearly or monthly contracts. Please contact us at the number below for pricing.

Call: 800.323.3370 Option 2

Unlimited Technical Assistance

Whenever you or a member of your team needs assistance to accomplish a critical task, we're only a phone call away. We have answers and solutions.

OMSVision Upgrades

We strive to provide our customers with significant upgrades every year. These upgrades are made available to you through the OMSVision customer support. Future versions of OMSVision are already being tested which will enhance your professional image and keep your practice innovative.

Online Knowledgebase

Over many years, we have accumulated a wealth of information that our customer support technicians use to answer questions. We have made this information available to you as an added value to your subscription, helping you find solutions to the everyday challenges of managing your practice. You can simply log on to our secure website and search key words to find the information you need.


Our Customer Service team hosts webinars for the OMSVision community in an effort to provide you with a low-cost, convenient way to grow your OMSVision knowledge. Can't join us for the live broadcast? Just log in later and view at your convenience. Additional training has never been so easy. For more training options, click here.

And More!

We are continually adding value, discounts, and privileges to your customer service plan. As new products and services become available, we work to make sure our valued customers receive special consideration. Our goal is to help you maximize your investment.