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Business Management


In addition to the office efficiency and clinical excellence tools you expect in a practice management system, OMSVision includes business management tools to drive your practice growth and profitability.

Practice Profitability

Grow Your Business with Referrals

OMSVision helps you cultivate the relationships that drive your profitability. It includes comprehensive referral tracking by referrer, by doctor, by production and by procedure. It ranks your referral sources so you can see who is sending you the most business. You can also generate reports and correspondence to keep your referral base steady.

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Track and Manage Your Production

OMSVision allows you to generate real-time reports on each provider in your practice. You can also run reports to see a “perfect day schedule” for your office. Then you can schedule future appointments based on your production goals and keep your practice on track financially. OMSVision provides daily and monthly activity summaries by provider or location, including detailed production, collections and adjustments reports.

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Expand to Multiple Specialties

The centralized database and automatic medical/dental cross-coding in OMSVision allow you to add different specialties to your practice while maintaining one set of patient records. Each specialist can access the clinical tools they need and OMSVision keeps patient information, scheduling, billing and other common functions up to date for your entire practice.

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Solutions for Your OMS Practice

OMSVision and our network of partners provide integrated solutions that automate time-consuming tasks and address the specific challenges of running a profitable oral surgery practice.