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Training and Staff Education


We offer several training options to meet the specific needs of your practice. Each training option is conducted by a member of our training team, working with you to create the best training program for your practice. We manage your staff through the implementation process and include suggestions for how you can improve your practice's efficiency and productivity with your new software tools. We also offer advanced training to help more experienced users maximize use of the software.

In-Office/Onsite and Online Training

Train your entire team at one time in your own office setting. Our trainers can customize a training plan to focus on specific areas or job descriptions to train a new team member, or explore more advanced features within their job description—all while the rest of the team focuses on rendering patient care during a normal working day.

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Solutions for Your OMS Practice

OMSVision and our network of partners provide integrated solutions that automate time-consuming tasks and address the specific challenges of running a profitable oral surgery practice.