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Electronically prescribe controlled substances

Electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS), including Schedule II prescriptions, in accordance with new Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requirements. Using an electronic prescription soltuion from a DEA-EPCS Cerified provider means that your practice can continue to prescribe medications common to oral surgical procedures without completing complex forms.

Speed up the medication process

Speed up the medication process when you send and track electronic prescriptions with any participating pharmacy.

Provide patients with a better experience

Provide patients with a better experience when you store their favorite pharmacy and automatically send prescriptions before the patient leaves your office.

Improve patient safety

Improve patient safety with automatic drug interaction checking, dosage checks, adverse reaction checks and duplicate therapy checks.

Simplify prescription renewals

Simplify prescription renewals by receiving and managing refill requests from pharmacies online, with accessible patient medication history.

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