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OMSVision Multispecialty helps oral surgeons, periodontists and endodontists practice together more efficiently by sharing a central database and common office functions (scheduling, billing and collections, patient communications and more). The scalable architecture in OMSVision Multispecialty allows for custom programming and flexible reporting tools, so multiple doctors, specialists and locations can be managed as one practice. Business reports can be generated by location and by provider. The central database delivers digital images and patient information to each specialist, regardless of the specialty or office location. Specialists only see the patient charts relevant to their specialty. The front office only maintains one set of patient records, one ledger and one schedule.

Unique Tools for the Oral Surgeon

In OMSVision Multispecialty, oral surgeons can take advantage of these clinical tools, developed by members of the AAOMS in an exclusive partnership with Henry Schein:

  • Virtual Scan forms
  • Anesthesia log
  • Integration with vital sign monitors, including CO2 monitoring
  • Surgical Sedation Record
  • Hospital-grade SOAP Operative Notes
  • Implant inventory and tracking
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Unique Tools for the Endodontist

In OMSVision Multispecialty, oral surgeons can take advantage of these clinical tools:

  • Data-driven charting
  • Chart number and properties of each canal
  • Pain scale
  • Pre and post radiograph
  • Tooth test
  • Microscope video and images saved to EHR
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Unique Tools for the Periodontist

In OMSVision Multispecialty, periodontists have access to these clinical tools:

  • Perio charting with pocket depths
  • Anesthesia sedation record
  • Chart mobility
  • Probing depths
  • Gingival margins
  • SOAP-formatted progress notes
  • Implant inventory and tracking
  • Furcation grades
  • Bleeding and suppuration points
  • Plaque and bone loss
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